How to Order Food in Spanish

By recollecting a couple of helpful phrases, you can arrange sustenance in Spanish without any difficulty.
Ordering food in a Spanish-speaking country is as easy as remembering a few set of phrases, understanding the menu and recalling to be considerate to your server. Utilize these indications beneath to traverse any eating circumstance.


  • Spanish phrasebook or pocket electronic interpreter

Requesting Food in Spanish

Step 1
Request a table in Spanish. In the event that you’d like a table for two, say “Una mesa para dos, por favor.” You can likewise express it as an inquiry: “Una mesa para dos?” Substitute a proper number (uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco) for the quantity of burger joints. When you are situated, recall to say “muchas gracias.”

Step 2
Request your drinks. Your server may ask something like “¿Qué van a tomar?” Respond with “un vaso de” for a glass of something (“agua” for water, “leche” for milk), “un bistro” for espresso, “una cerveza” for brew, and “una botella de” for a jug of something, for example, “una botella de vino blanco de la casa” (a bottle of the house white wine). Include merriments, for example, “quisiera” (I would like) or “me gustaría” (I would like), and keep in mind to say “por favor.”

Step 3
Scrutinize the menu (el menú). Despite the fact that there will probably be numerous recognizable dishes, local cooking changes everywhere throughout the Spanish-talking world, and individual regions may have distinctive words for dishes than the terms you’re acclimated to, as indicated by Counsel your phrasebook or pocket interpreter if there are things with which you are new. If you are a veggie lover or vegetarian, make a point to tell your server so he can suit you best: “Soy vegetariano/an (estricto/an)” (“I’m a veggie lover (vegan)”).

Step 4
Order your food. Your server may approach and ask something like “¿Qué desean Ustedes?” You could say “Quisiera” trailed by your request or “¿Me trae?” trailed by your request and “por support” (if requesting for the table, say “¿nos trae?”). For a half parcel, request “media porción”; utilize the relational words “con” and “sin” to determine “with” and “without” something, individually, for example, “Todo mio orden sin queso, por favor” (“I would like my entire order without cheddar, please”).

Step 5
Stand out enough to be noticed. In Mexico, if standing out enough to be noticed, say “joven” and say “señorita” for a server. In Spain, a server is “camarero” while “señorita” is suitable anyplace. Words for male servers change around the Spanish-talking world, so attempt to get on the word others around you are utilizing.

Step 6
Complete up your supper. Your server may ask “¿Desean algo de postre?” which signifies “Would you like pastry?” If you would, arrange. If you don’t need treat, say: “No, gracias, ¿nos trae la cuenta, por support?” (“No thank you, might we be able to simply have the check, please?)

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